Finding a Therapist

Help with a referral in the Washington DC area:
If you would like help finding an insight-oriented (also known as talk therapy) therapist feel free to email or call, leaving me preferences regarding:

  • location,
  • gender, and
  • other pertinent information, if any, such as fee considerations.

I will get back to you with a couple of suggestions.  Therapists whom I can connect you to are generally “out-of-network providers.”   The level of fee reimbursement from your insurance company depends on your individual policy.  Some therapists may have reduced-fee time available.

If you want to see someone “in network”  you must choose from a list provided by your insurance company.  Additionally, you may wish to consult the online therapist finder, where you can search for a clinician by insurance company, and also by foreign language spoken.

Additionally, some area organizations that provide low-fee therapy are listed below:


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